Frequently asked questions

Do I need a degree to get into CyberSecurity?

Not Necessarily, there are many people in this field that do not have a college however they also have tons of experience

Will Security+ get me a CyberSecurity role?

No, this cert will not guarantee you a security role but it can help prepare you for one.

Do I need to be good at math to get into CyberSecurity?

no, most of the application do all of the math for you but you should know the why behind your calculations.

What else should I do in college to help myself get a job when I graduate.

While in school you should network and try to find a internship while in school. This will help you be successful in school.

I don't have any CyberSecurity experience how can I get it?

You can get an internship or you can lab everyday. There are plenty of platforms that will let you lab and gain skills.

Here are some places that can help you gain experience:

How can I make 6 figures?

this is contingent on your skillset,job position, market, and the region.

How do i find my path in cybersecurity?

You can start by reviewing different job roles, to see which roles interest you. Once you do that you reverse engineer your way to your goal. If you need help please migrate over to