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CompTIA Security+ won't get you six figures!!

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

All the rage nowadays is to get your CompTIa Security+ and you can bag a six-figure entry-level cybersecurity job.

This method of thinking comes from YouTube and Twitter. Some people are loud and wrong about getting into cybersecurity, and they’re also wrong about how to get a six-figure position. Most entry-level cybersecurity jobs aren’t really entry level because of employees needing to have some experience and knowledge about other areas in IT (networking, database, etc). It does not take much time to prepare and pass the Security+ exam, so that isn’t enough time for you to know how to “properly” secure an environment. If it was that easy, everyone would get that certification and make six-figures in their first role. Realistically depending on your region, an entry level cybersecurity salary is around $50k -70k a year.

As a cybersecurity professional with 5 years of direct cybersecurity experience, I highlight on my resumes how I am valuable to my organization. I highlight problems that I have helped my company fix and how I continuously improve their processes and procedures. When a recruiter sees my resume, they understand I am a problem solver without having to say it in my resume. Six-figure salaries are normally for Senior Level roles, which is around 3-4 years of experience. You can’t require senior level money with an entry level skillet.

In order to get a six-figure position in cybersecurity, you need to show a company, your value is worth six figures. If I’m interviewing you and the only thing you can tell me is, you have your Security+ then I would move on from you. JUST BECAUSE YOU GET A SECURITY CERTIFICATION DOES NOT MEAN YOU DESERVE THE POSITION. Organizations are looking for employees that can help them solve their problems. When you can go into detail in an interview about how you’ve solved certain issues in previous roles or how you can solve their issues, you can prove your value to them.

You can ask for whatever salary you want to, however the likelihood of that happening with little to no experience is slim. I am not talking about those who have experience in other career fields that bring a unique skill set to CyberSecurity. It's aimed at those that want to run before they walk. Don't let the Internet cause you to miss out on a job opportunity because you're pricing yourself out.

If you are interested in breaking into cybersecurity and you need help, check out my new ebook.

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