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Navigating the Highs and Lows of Tech Contracting with Justice Devon

Updated: May 2


Welcome back, tech enthusiasts, to another insightful episode of The TechTual Talk! Today, we're thrilled to share our conversation with Justice Devon, a seasoned UI/UX designer and tech entrepreneur whose journey has been nothing short of awe-inspiring. This episode, titled How to be OverEmployed in Tech with your Own Business, not only peels back the curtain on lucrative tech contracting but also grants us access to Justice's profound experiences and the wisdom she's gained along the way.

The Proactive Approach to Job Interviews

Justice kicks off by underscoring a proactive stance towards job interviews: requesting a list of common questions and conducting thorough research on companies and interviewers via LinkedIn. Her methodical approach has undoubtedly played a significant role in her success, providing listeners with a tangible strategy to emulate.

Networking: Your Career Catalyst

Networking is the linchpin of Justice's career trajectory. She shares her knack for leveraging events, sports, and personal contacts to create referral opportunities. It's a reminder for our audience that your next big break could be a handshake or a conversation away.

Techpreneurship Academy: Holistic Tech Education

Diving deeper, Justice introduces us to the Techpreneurship Academy, an institution that goes beyond tech contracting to impart knowledge on entrepreneurship, business branding, and financial education. For those intrigued, keep an ear out for their beginner boot camp at $100 before the price hike in August.

The Fine Line of Professional Relationships

A candid moment unfolds as Justice reveals her frustrations on being stuck in the professional "friend zone," and Henri promptly offers insights on navigating these dynamics, highlighting the fine line between maintaining professional relationships and establishing respect for one's expertise and contributions.

Heart-to-Heart on Personal Struggles

Transitioning to a more personal tone, Justice openly discusses the challenges faced as a black woman in tech, recounting times when her presence intimidated others in her field. Henri and Justice ponder the pervasive impact of personal lives on professional environments, advocating the need for support and balance in one’s life.

The Nitty-Gritty of Contract Work

Henri and Justice delve into the intricacies of contract employment, discussing W-2 and 1099 arrangements, and sharing tales from their encounters with recruiters. Justice's confidence stands out as she states she does not chase down recruiters, knowing her worth and expecting diligent communication from those genuinely interested.

Education and Career Progression

With a surprising admission, Justice reveals that she wasn't always math-savvy, having failed math in college only to conquer it later with the right professor. Both hosts laugh as they reminisce about using Rate My Professor to navigate their courses, reflecting on the hurdles and victories of their academic journeys.

Tech Tools and Advice for Aspiring Designers

For those aspiring to break into UI/UX design, Justice emphasizes the importance of essential tools like Figma and Optimal Workshop. She highlights their accessibility for freelancers and also recommends pursuing the Human-Centered Design Certification for industry recognition.

Embracing Entrepreneurship and Overcoming Adversity

Justice's entrepreneurial spirit shines as she recounts the origins of her first business in 2021 and subsequent ventures, including a full-service design and marketing agency. Despite workplace adversities, including feeling unheard and a culture mismatch at PayPal, Justice found the resolve to ascend, earning $30,000 a month.

Authentic Advice for The Tech Hopeful

On a serious note, Henri cautions listeners about misleading claims within the tech sphere. Both he and Justice advocate for integrity and truthfulness in one’s professional endeavors, stressing the significance of reputation in a field as interconnected as tech.

Support and Connection

Justice extends an invitation for listeners to connect with her via Instagram and TikTok, while Henri encourages engagement through Patreon and coaching services. The candid exchanges throughout the episode underscore the ethos of Techtual Chatter: to empower, educate, and connect the tech community in meaningful ways.

We at Techtual Chatter hope you found this episode as enlightening as we did. Subscribe and tune in for more conversations that dissect the multifaceted world of tech.

Whether you're a veteran in the industry or just starting out, remember—one connection, one podcast, one lesson at a time can pave the way to your tech success.

Until next time, keep the techtual chatter alive!


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