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When is it time to leave your company?

If you’re like me, you left a company you were at for years to embark on a new journey at another company.I did this with the thought of learning a new skill set, get more money, more connections, etc.

Getting a new job often parallels what happens in relationships between people. You may break up with the person thinking that the grass is greener on the other side, just for you to find out that there is little to no grass at all on that side.

From my own experiences, here are some reasons to leave a company:

Not valuing you as an employee:

Sometimes employers hire us just not use us to our full potential. I recently went through this at my last organization, and it sucks. You see everyone else showcasing their skills and value to the organization while you are on the sidelines twiddling your thumbs. If you feel like this, bring it up with your manager and see what they say.

Forcing you to come into office or long commutes to the office:

It is 2022. Most of us have not worked in an office in over 2 years and the companies were doing better than ever with us being remote. Companies need to realize if it’s not imperative for us to be in office, then there is no reason for us to be there. If we are going to be in office, at least give us a choice on when we want to come into it. Offices typically have some of the nastiest people on earth there. Recently, I was told that i would not have to go into the office until August(due to me not having the booster), and a week later the company made me come into office. Combine that with the fact that I ended up moving to a different apartment, which made my commute ridiculous in DFW traffic. The company did not care about the distance I had to travel as well. I also had to pay for parking at a company that had an amazing fiscal year last year.

The math was not mathin

Not competing with the job market.

If you’re in cybersecurity, then you know it’s a competitive job market with companies paying top dollar for talent every day. If a company is not offering you more than a 5% raise yearly, then you should leave. Inflation has soared to an all-time high this year, and it is not going down soon. Families are struggling to pay for essential goods that they need in life.

lack of:

lack of onboarding

lack of training

lack of direction

lack of unity

Instead of making long drawn out paragraphs, I'll just leave those up there. All of those contribute to a workplace that is not conducive to growth. I faced all of those things in my last role, and it sucked.

Mentally Draining:

This is probably the biggest one on my list. When you hate going to work, it affects all areas of your life. Therefore, so many people are miserable when you are around them. They have something in their life that is mentally draining them. I had not felt like that since 2016. I knew that feeling all to well and this time I dealt with it much swifter than I did earlier in my career.

What have been some reasons that you left your company? Leave your comments below

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