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Are you tired of struggling to break into cybersecurity?


The cybersecurity industry is constantly evolving, making it difficult for newcomers to break in. As someone who struggled for years to make a breakthrough, I understand how frustrating it can be to feel stuck and unsure of where to turn.


That's why I created The TechTual Approach to Breaking into Cybersecurity. This comprehensive guide is designed to help anyone, regardless of their background, navigate the complex world of cybersecurity and land their dream job.


Whether you're a recent graduate, someone pivoting from a different career field, or simply looking to upskill and break into the industry, this book has everything you need to succeed. I'll teach you proven strategies for identifying roles that align with your skill set and interests, and guide you through the job search process step by step.


With The TechTual Approach to Breaking into Cybersecurity, you'll gain the confidence and knowledge you need to take control of your career and achieve your goals. Let me help you turn your aspirations into a reality.



In this book you will learn:


  • How to Identify your path in cybersecurity.
  • How to research skills needed for a cybersecurity role.
  • What to include on your resume.
  • How to network to get interviews.
  • How to conduct yourself in an interview.
  • How to brand yourself.


And much much more


I have used the steps in this book  propel my career to new heights time and time again!

The TechTual Approach to Breaking into Cybersecurity

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