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Breaking into Tech: From Finance to Six-Figure Software Engineer

In the latest episode of The TechTual Talk, titled Breaking into Tech: From Finance to Six-Figure Software Engineer, host Henri dives deep into the world of tech with special guest Clyde, dissecting the realities of career progression, the pitfalls of scams and unrealistic expectations, and the vibrancy of tech culture. The insightful conversation pulls back the curtain on an industry often shrouded in hype to reveal the importance of diligence, learning, and authenticity

Tech is often heralded as the land of opportunity, promising remote work, hefty salaries, and a sleek lifestyle. Yet, Henri and Clyde engage in an essential discourse about the need for due diligence amidst an industry saturated with attractive but possibly empty sales pitches. Clyde, sharing his own journey from Fidelity real estate corporation to a Senior-consultant level 3 software engineer, exemplifies the value of hands-on experience and technical certifications.

Henri gets personal with listeners, sharing the less-talked-about challenges of tech job searches—emphasizing the significance of continuous improvement and perseverance. Meanwhile, Clyde's trajectory through an apprenticeship at Cold Squad and self-taught HTML and CSS projects underscores the non-linear and diverse paths one can take within the tech realm.

Things get candid as Clyde reveals a darker side of tech culture. Following a Twitter disagreement, an individual's attempt to get Clyde fired—despite their professed commitment to black tech unity—highlights a worrying trend of inauthentic professional conduct and personal targeting. This incident propels a larger conversation about navigating social media interactions and the impact on one's career.

Clyde elucidates his role as an iOS developer while highlighting the nuances of tech jobs—from the granular tasks of full-stack development to the front-end responsibilities inherent in his work. His meticulous explanation of tech roles, coupled with the flexible nature of his working schedule, provides a revealing look at the day-to-day expectations and challenges within the industry.

A striking observation from Clyde punctuates the episode as he notes the increasing prevalence of non-technical influencers directing tech conversations. Clyde and Henri unpack the implications of this trend for both tech professionals and consumers alike. The duo stresses the need for more pivotal technical voices to step forward, advocating for a more balanced representation that can demystify and diversify the space.

Clyde's background, though initially rooted in finance with Fidelity, is a testament to the sector's evolving role in embracing technical expertise, including software engineering and data science. Through a program like Apprenti, he emphasizes opportunities for a secured foothold in the industry, touching upon the role of apprenticeships in developing viable career pathways in cybersecurity and UX design.

The conversation doesn't shy away from addressing the gatekeeping and internal criticism prevalent in tech culture. Drawing parallels to different roles within a football team, Henri and Clyde explore the broader panorama of varied contributions and the vital yet sometimes undervalued positions in tech organizations. Their discussion raises critical questions about the semantics of "tech jobs" and the sometimes controversial term "gatekeeping."

After a whirlwind discussion ranging from the importance of building a specific niche within software engineering to confronting falsehoods and gatekeeping, Henri and Clyde leave listeners both enlightened and motivated. "Not in tech.wav" goes beyond mere tech talk—challenging listeners to embrace the intricate, diverse, and dynamic reality of the tech industry, inviting them to be part of a conversation that is continuously evolving and ever-important.

Follow Clyde's social media handles for more insights and look out for potential follow-up episodes on Techtual Chatter. If you've been stirred by the candid and complex discussion in this episode, join the conversation and let's continue to push for a more authentic and inclusive tech community.

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