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Hackers ran off with $25 million dollars with AI Deepfake


Service Outages and the Importance of Positive Social Media Presence

The episode kicks off with Destini's recount of experiencing a puzzling service outage that left her without call capabilities, yet allowed iMessage and WiFi functions. Henri's reliance on a different carrier, Verizon, spared him from this inconvenience and steered the conversation toward a professional's portrayal on social media. Both Destini and Henri stress the significance of maintaining a positive image online, especially within their respective professional spheres.

Cybersecurity: Dispelling Myths and Embracing a Positive Stance

An unexpected pivot into cybersecurity followed, fueled by Henri's rebuttal against negativity surrounding the field. They elaborate on the diversity within cybersecurity and argue for a constructive approach to overcoming obstacles, reflecting the episode's underlying theme of addressing tech challenges positively.

A Literary Interlude and Media Reflections

Broadening the scope, Henri shares a glimpse into his life, showcasing his daughters’ bookshelf—a symbol of educational aspirations—while Destini and Henri engage in banter about their literary adventures, from Harry Potter to Carl Weber. "Mia Culpa," Tyler Perry's oeuvre, and other media works, also receive attention, stirring a lively debate on the realism of characters and storylines.

The Weekend Roundup and Deep Fake Scams

Both speakers reflect on their weekends—Destini absorbed in work and social gatherings, and Henri managing family activities. But soon, the dialogue turns to a sophisticated deep fake scam that saw a company swindled out of $25 million, illustrating the vulnerability of organizations and the need for robust financial controls.

Healthcare Technology at a Crossroad

Unique to this episode is the extensive dissection of tech within healthcare. From the necessity of disaster recovery plans to the implementation of AI, Destini and Henri pragmatically evaluate the triumphs and pitfalls of technology in such a critical sector. Their discourse magnifies the human aspect of tech, like the personal influence of parental involvement on literacy and the potential conflicts of interest that may arise in the field.

Cyber Attack on Change Healthcare and the Consequences of Automated Systems

A recent cyber attack on change healthcare, crucial to the episode's title, sets the stage for a deeper discussion on how security breaches in healthcare could cascade into life-threatening scenarios. The human cost of reliance on automated systems, such as automatic resume screening, takes on a new dimension of concern—with Destini and Henri providing valuable insights on prevention and ethics.

Remote Work and Transitioning Back to Office Life

With the pandemic rewriting the work landscape, Henri and Destini share their complex feelings on the return to the office, examining the necessity of in-person engagement when remote work proves sufficient. This leads to recalling the service outage earlier in the episode, showcasing how technology snafus can impact work life substantially.

The Career Pathway Debate: From Help Desk to Job Roles

The episode isn't complete without touching on career growth within tech. Starting at the help desk is highlighted as valuable, as it garners experience and knowledge essential for advancing in the field.

The Realities of Job Commuting and Gatekeeping in the Workplace

Henri delves into the drain of long commutes, including an anecdote where fatigue beat him, resulting in a car nap. But it’s not just literal gatekeeping in traffic—there is also a focus on figurative gatekeeping in the workplace, with both hosts exchanging views on ethical work practices, suggesting the need for mindful decision-making.

Looking Ahead with Techtual Chatter

As the episode winds down, Henri proposes topics ripe for future episodes and encourages listener engagement through emails. Live shows and plans for a studio space signal exciting growth for the podcast.

Connecting with Techtual Chatter

Keep an ear to the ground for our next episode, and in the meantime, share your thoughts—what tech topics would you like Techtual Chatter to tackle next?


Email us your thoughts at [insert podcast email] and don't forget to subscribe to Techtual Chatter for more tech talk with Henri and guests like Destini.

Stay tech-savvy and chatter on!


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